Gjakova City

Gjakova is the seventh largest city in Kosovo with a population of just under 40,000 and is located in the southwest of the country near the border with Albania.

Gjakova Kosovo

Gjakova Kosovo

Gjakova is located right at the entrance of the Erenik Valley, where the Krena river flows from the north into the Erenik mountain river. Founded in the 15th century, the city is now characterized by many historic buildings and large industrial areas. The Krena flows after a few kilometers above the Drin Gorge into the White Drin, the longest river in Kosovo. Eight kilometres in it is located The Radoniq Reservoir north of the city behind a few hills.

The Old Bazaar is one of the city's biggest attractions in Gjakova vacations. The Old Bazaar (Çarshija e vjetër) was the heart of the economy in Gjakova. This area of the city of trade and goods included villages around the municipality of Gjakova, the Junik zone and the Gjakova highlands on the border with Kosovo and Albania.

The city contains a number of monuments from the rich cultural past. The historic quarter of the city is Hadumitku Mahala, and there is the old market and the oldest surviving building in the city, the Hadum Mosque. The old market or as it is called: trade and crafts. The city and its suburbs played an important role during the national movement of the League of Prizren. The Ethnographic Museum of Gjakova is particularly worth seeing during your holiday. The building is located right in the center of the city, opposite the municipal assembly in Gjakova. It was built in 1810 by the Sina family and has two floors. The ground floor serves as a storage room and the upper part as living room. The living area has four rooms and two balconies. The materials used are brick, stone and wood. Particularly worth seeing and decorated is the large room on the left side of the building, but also the coal stoves in all four rooms. The corridor separates the rooms from each other and appears on the plan in the form of a cross. The house has changed over time. The front had two guest rooms and a barn where the animal food was stored. Gjakova is a small town with a high tolerance to religion. Therefore, there is a mosque, a church, a cathedral and a tekke (the house of worship of the Dervishes) in the city.

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Ethnographisches Museum Gjakova
Hadum mosque Gjakova
Gjakova Catholic Church
Old Bazaar Çarshija Gjakova
Gjakova city Kosovo

Kosovo Tekke Gjakova
Tailor's Bridge (Ura e Terzive) Gjakova
Candles cave Gjakova
Old bazaar Gjakova
Gjakova Drin Bridge

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