Gazivoda lake

Gazivoda is the largest and most beautiful lake in Kosovo. Formed by one of the largest earthen dams in Europe 24 kilometers long a reservoir in the course of the river Ibar. The manmade lake was built in 1977 as part of the Ibar-Lepenc hydro system. The lake takes its name from the town of Gazivode.

Gazivoda lake kosovo

Ujëmani / Gazivoda Reservoir

The Gazivoda lake or Liqeni i Ujëmanit is a reservoir in the course of the Ibar River. The lake takes its name from the town of Gazivoda. Its area is 11.9 km². It lies at an altitude of 694 m and is up to 105 meters deep. The reservoir has an average volume of 370 million m³.

The dam was built between 1973 and 1977. A wonderful lake, also used as a recreation area, on and around the Gazivoda Lake there is no shortage of outdoor activities. You can go swimming, diving, kayaking or windsurfing.

The national road M-22.3 (Novi Pazar - Mitrovica) runs along the north bank. Characteristic for the area are also the many original mountain villages, including Ribarice, Banje and Rezala in the Kosovar municipality of Zubin Potok. At Brnjak, in the immediate vicinity of the border crossing, there is a bridge over the lake. The lake also provides crucial cooling water for the two power plants, which produce around 92 percent of Kosovo 's electricity.

There are several little beaches along Gazivoda -  just park your car at road level and walk down. There is also a peaceful beach further down between Tusice and Dragalice, where you can bring your own picnic for a pleasant afternoon. Gazivoda / Ujëmani lake Kosovo’s largest and most beautiful lake you shouldn't definitely miss in vacation in Kosovo.

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Lake Gazivoda
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