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Vushtrria is a city in northeastern Kosovo. Vushtrri is an old but also modern city in the north of the Republic of Kosovo, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Vushtrria existed before the Roman Empire, from the Dardan era. At the end of the first century BC The region was conquered by the Romans. The name Vicianum ("room of the calves") is the Roman name of the city. In the late Middle Ages, Vushtrri was an important trading town.

Vushtrri fortress kalaja Kosovo

Vushtrri Kosovo

The city of Vushtrria is about ten kilometers southeast of Mitrovica. The city of Vushtrri is crossed by the Sitnica River, the largest river, and the two smaller rivers Trstena and Studimje. That Vushtrri is a city of culture is also confirmed by several monuments in this city such as the old stone bridge, the city hammer,(Stadthammer) the Vushtrri castle and the city castle. In Vushtrri you will also find centuries-old mosques, old houses, cobblestone streets as well as Muslim cemeteries and much more.The region has natural tourist potential: visit the Qyqavica Mountains on the west side and the Shala Mountains on the east side during your Kosovo vacation.

The old stone bridge (Ura e Gurit, Ura e vjetër e Gurit) in the northwest of the city is the oldest stone bridge still in existence in Kosovo. Since the Sitnica River changed direction around 1855 and no water flows under the bridge, the bridge is no longer in use today. The bridge is 135 meters long and 6 meters wide. The first five arches of the bridge were built during the Byzantine Empire. The stone bridge in Vushtrri is also mentioned in various writings of the time. For example, the French Filip Difre - Kane (1573) wrote the following: "... from there we reached Vushtrri, a large city with many mosques and a large stone bridge".

There are natural surface and subsurface resources from which coal is currently being extracted in quarries. Traditionally, the most developed sectors are: agriculture, handicrafts, textile and processing industries.

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Vushtrri city Kosovo
Vushtrri stone bridge
Vushtrria Museumt
Mosque Vushtrri Kosovo
Vushtrri fortress Turm

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Several European airlines offer direct flights to Prishtina International Airport. Prishtina International Airport is located 18 km southwest of Prishtina.


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