Lipjan city

Lipjan (also Lipjani) is a small town in the center of Kosovo and the official seat of the municipality of the same name. The city of Lipjan lies in the middle of the Fushë Kosovë plain at an altitude of about 550 m. In 1018 the place is mentioned as Lypenion in a Greek text.

Lipjan city Kosovo

Lipjani city of Kosovo

Lipjan has been known since the Illyrian and later Roman times as a settlement of part of the city of Ulpiana, which is located north-east at a distance of 10 km. In Roman times, Lipjan was mainly a small settlement on the way to Lissum. The identification of Lipjan with the name Ulpiana was later confirmed by the discovery of the ruins of ancient times and the Byzantine period. Since ancient times, the name Lypenion, Lypiana can be traced back to today's name Lipjan. The foundations of the Byzantine basilica were discovered in this part under the foundations of the old church, while from Lipjan itself several epigraphic monuments are known, from which the dates on the existence of Ulpiana are confirmed.

The town of Lipjan is located at the intersection between two major roads 25 / E 752 and 2 / E 65 and the main Mitrovica-Skopje railway. An important road crosses the city to the south. This means that the city is well equipped with road infrastructure. Since bypassing Route 25 / E 752, the traffic problems have decreased. The municipality is shown in indirect division in the plain of Fushë Kosovë and the plains of Blinaja, Caraleva and Drenica in the west and the plain of Androvacka in the east. The Drenica Valley runs through the western part of the municipality (the area around Shala). This area has the closest spatial connection with Gllogovc.

The main river of the municipality is Sitnica, which flows through the plain in a south-north direction. Several small rivers and streams flow in it, the source of which is in the surrounding mountains. The most important are the Janjevka, Zegorka and Gadimja rivers. The Gadime Cave is a stalactite cave in the village of Gadime e Ulët in the municipality of Lipjan in Kosovo. In ancient times, the Roman city of Ulpiana was not far from today's city of Lipjan. The Romans named the Dardanic settlement after the Roman emperor Marcus Ulpius Trajanus, known as Trajan, under whose rule the Roman Empire experienced its greatest expansion. In the past (1873-1874) Lipjan was a common village known as a crossroads in the region. Until the end of the century, Lipjan had workshops with a commercial character. Grain stores and craft shops were built. XIX. During the Turkish rule, this new part of Lipjan acquired its urban character and was declared a city in 1920. Since 2000, many businesses have settled in Lipjan, small businesses, trade and services dominate. The construction industry in particular has gained in importance.

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Lipjan city Kosovo

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