Skenderaj town of Kosovo

Skenderaj also Skënderaji is located in the middle of the hilly Drenica landscape in the north of the country at an average altitude of 600 meters above sea level. Drenica is the birthplace of the Albanian uprising against the Serbian occupiers. Here in Prekaz near Drenica, the Albanian national hero Adem Jashari began the fight for freedom against the Serbian regime. The capital Pristina is about 50 kilometers to the southeast. The main city of northern Kosovo, Mitrovica, is 25 kilometers to the northeast.

Skenderaj city Kosovo

Skenderaj city - Drenica

The Albanian name of the city, Skënderaj, is said to be derived from Gjergj Kastrioti (1405–1468), called Skënderbeu or Skanderbeg (in German "Lord / Prince Alexander"), who made a name for himself as a fighter against the Ottomans in the late Middle Ages and is celebrated today as a national hero. More than 72,000 people live in the municipality of Skënderaj. The region has a continental climate.

The river Klina, the left course of the Drini i Bardhë, flows east of the municipality. The Sitnica and Drenica rivers flow to the east and south-east. The river "Klina" has its source in the village of Kuqicë and crosses the area on the north-south axis and flows with a slow river, an average depth and a length of 40 km through the entire territory of the municipality and the center of Skenderaj.

The large municipality of Skënderaj covers an area of 378 square kilometers; the highest point is the Qyqavica with 1117 meters above sea level. The municipality of Skënderaj is located in the center of Kosovo. In the southeast the municipality borders on the municipality of Drenas, in the southwest on the municipality of Klina, in the northeast on Vushtrria and Mitrovica and in the north on Zubin Potok and in the northwest on the municipality Istog. The area is 378 km². Together with the municipalities of Mitrovica, Vushtrri, Leposaviq, Zubin Potok and Zveçan, the municipality forms the Mitrovica district.
After the investigations of the institute "INKOS" of KEK from the years 1983/84, an investigation was carried out in which these investigations came to the conclusion that in the villages of Polac and Prekaz of the municipality Skënderaj there are coal deposits of 7,000,000 tons depth of 10-15 m.

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Skenderaj city center
Adem Jashari Skenderaj Prekazi
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Skenderaj Drenica Kosovo

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