Rugova Canyon

With a length of 25 km and a depth of 1,000 meters, Rugova is one of the longest and deepest gorges in Europe.

Rugova gorge Kosovo

Rugova gorge

The Rugova Gorge is one of the most famous tourism attractions in Kosovo. With a length of 25 km and a depth of 1,000 meters, Rugova is one of the longest and deepest gorges in Europe. It is caused by water erosion and glacier retreat in Peja.

Lumbardhi i Pejës-Bistrica a tributary of the White Drins crosses the gorge. In 1985 the Rugova Gorge was declared a protected monument of natural heritage for its geological, hydrological, speleological and botanical values ​​as well as for its impressive landscape.

The gorge starts to narrow about three kilometers from Peja and narrows further for the next six kilometers, creating a large valley into which the Peja Bistrica River flows. It narrows again in a drain along the western route of the region that connects Kosovo with Montenegro. The average depth of the valley is 650-1000 meters. Some areas of the gorge are inhabited on its east side and on its west side only during the summer months.
There are waterfalls and many water sources such as Uji i zi and Kroi i km-5. At the sixth kilometer of the gorge there is a 25 meter high waterfall that rises from the rocks on its south side and falls into the river. Hundreds of caves remain to be explored still in the gorge . Well-known caves are the Grand Gorge (which is about 11 km long), Karamakazit Cave and Kallabes Cave (the archaeological remains of ancient people have been discovered). A bridge that connects a well-known gorge, in front of which there is a rock with a drawing of an athlete believed to date from the Pellazge period.
Rugova is a natural wonder that is one of the most popular attractions in Kosovo for a reason. Fantastic views of mountain peaks, breathtaking lakes and waterfalls as well as picturesque villages offer everything nature lovers need.

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