Mitrovica city

Mitrovica also Mitrovicë, is a city in northern Kosovo. The strategically favorable location at the confluence of two rivers meant that the current location of Mitrovica was already settled in prehistoric times. This fact is proven by numerous finds that date from the Neolithic Age.

Mitrovica Kosovo

Mitrovica Kosovo

In ancient times, the Illyrian tribe of the Dardans lived here. During excavations in and around Mitrovica, an Illyrian necropolis, several statues from the period were discovered. It is believed that Dardania's economy was primarily based on agriculture and livestock. In addition, remnants of metal slag from this time were found, which are the oldest evidence of mining in Kosovo.

After the Kosovo war in 1999, the city was divided into a southern part with an almost exclusively Albanian population (approx. 60,000 inhabitants) and a northern part with a predominantly Serbian population (approx. 13,000 inhabitants). The two parts of the city are connected by two road bridges and a footbridge over the river Ibër. In Mitrovica, the Ibër takes on the Sitnica coming from the south.

The place got its name after a church consecrated to St. Dimitrios, around which the settlement expanded. In 1455 the village of Dimitrovce was mentioned in Ottoman documents. In the middle of the 15th century the city came under Ottoman rule and remained so until the First Balkan War (1912–1913).
The monument of the Serbian and Albanian partisans sits enthroned on a hill on the northern edge of the city and is visible from all over the city. It commemorates partisans who died in World War II and is a symbol of the city.
In Mitrovica there are the three municipal libraries Latif Berisha, which can be found in the city and in the villages of Bare and Tunel i Parë. The number of visitors to the City Museum, which is located in the premises of the former Mitrovica Hamam, is steadily increasing. In the village of Boletin is the Boletin Fortress, which was restored in 2010. In addition, Mitrovica is home to the Sandër Prosi Municipal Theater and the Aleksandër Moisiu, Kacageli, Showmeselation and amateur theaters. A music and dance group as well as the literary group Lumi i Bardhë can also be found in the city. Mitrovica is worth a visit on your vacation.

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Mitrovica city
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Mitrovica Kosovo

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