Ulpiana ancient city

Ulpiana was an ancient Roman city in what is now Kosovo. Ulpiana, located in the archaeological site of Pristina, is a Roman-Pre-Byzantine settlement that can be considered one of the most important cultural heritage sites in the Republic of Kosova.

Ulpiana is a Roman-Illyrian city

Ulpiana is a Roman-Illyrian city

Kosovo is a relatively new nation, but its territory certainly has a rich history. Ulpiana was the administrative, economic and cultural center in Roman times, about eleven kilometers southeast of Pristina, Ulpiana is a Roman-pre-Byzantine settlement.

Ulpiana is a Roman-Illyrian city. Archaeological excavations have taken place there since 1954. These brought to light a multitude of extremely interesting finds from a flourishing city of the Roman Empire, which today help us to better understand the cultural history of Kosovo.

Ulpiana is a monument to cultural heritage in Kosovo, a Roman city founded by Emperor Trajan at the beginning of the 2nd century. During the archaeological excavations from 2009 to 2011 traces of pre-Roman life have been left behind. Ulpiana was an important place for the Dardan Kingdom. There is evidence that the site dates back to the Neolithic around 9000 BC. Was inhabited and that the area was inhabited by the Dardan and Illyrians during the Classical period. The city was near today's city of Lipjan in Kosovo. Until the time of the Second World War, it was generally assumed that Ulpiana, given the similarity of the names, could be identified with the modern, modern town of Lipjan, where some Latin inscriptions have actually come to light, traces of a late antique and early Byzantine settlement were discovered, and its name Lypenion, Lypiana first appears in the tradition in the 4th century.

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Ulpiana ancient city
Ulpiana ancient Kosovo
Ulpiana archaeological city
Ulpiana illyrian city
Ulpiana Kosovo

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