Radoniq lake

Lake Radoniq or Liqeni i Dukagjinit is a reservoir in western Kosovo, about eleven kilometers from the city of Gjakova.

Radoniq lake Kosovo

Radoniq Lake Kosovo

The Radoniq Lake or also called Liqeni i Dukagjinit was dammed for the first time in March 1983. It got its name from the village that was flooded by the creation of the reservoir. The lake was dammed for the first time in March 1983. The distance between Gjakova and Lake Radoniq is 11 km.

The lake plays a major role in the drinking water supply of the municipality of Gjakova (with 44 villages), the municipality of Rahovec (with eight villages) and the municipality of Prizren (with 20 villages): it supplies around 214,000 people. With an area of 5.62 square kilometers and a volume of 113 million cubic meters, it is the second largest lake in Kosovo.

There are more than 30 accommodation options around Lake Radoniq for vacation. The lake has an area of 5.96 km2, making it the second largest lake in Kosova. The crystal clear water combined with the breathtaking landscape makes this lake an ideal place for someone who wants to relax and enjoy the views. Radoniq lake is worth a visit on your vacations.

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Radoniq lake
Radoniq Kosovo
Lake Radiniq Kosovo
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