Batlava lake

A wonderful lake, also used as a recreation area, especially for camping and water sports. Batllava Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Kosova located in the eastern part of Kosova. It is fed by the Batlava River.

Batllava lake Kosovo

Batllava camping & water sports

Batllava Lake is an important reservoir in the municipality of Podujeva, Kosovo. It is mainly fed by the small Batllava river, which flows into the Llap a few kilometers below the dam. The name Batllava comes from the nearby village of Batllava. In addition, Lake Batllava is also used as a recreational area, especially for swimming, camping and watersports.

Outdoor activities are not neglected on and around Lake Batllava. You can go diving, kayaking, or windsurfing. A variety of hiking opportunities await you around the reservoir. The many original mountain villages are also characteristic of the area. Height above sea level 642 m, area 5.1 m².

Batllava lake is one of the biggest lakes in Kosova located in the eastern part of Kosova. It is fed by the Batlava River. It serves as the main source of drinking water for the territory of Prishtina and Podujeva, and is one of the most popular touristic destinations for Kosovars.

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Batllava lake from above
Batllava lake
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Batllava water sports
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5,1 km²


642 m

Sea level