Germia Park

Germia Park is a large, beautiful park in the eastern part of the city of Prishtina. A great place to relax and spend time with friends or family. The park offers a good opportunity to get away from city life and enjoy nature.

Germia Park swimming pool Kosovo

Germia Park Prishtina

Germia is a regional park in northeast Prishtina in Kosovo and covers an area of ​​62 square kilometers. There is nothing better than having a large park in the capital. Germia Park is just a few kilometers from the city center and is ideal for walking, cycling, relaxing and also for trying some local dishes in the nearby restaurants. The endless forests, well-kept paths, the fresh air and the proximity to the city make it an attractive place to spend a nice, quiet afternoon or a nice weekend. In 1987 the "Germia" complex was placed under protection by the city council of Pristina in the "Regional Nature Park" category and is now managed by the public company "Hortikultura".

There is also a large swimming pool at the entrance to the park. Skiing is another activity that can be done there in winter, although there are no ski lifts or other facilities. Due to its geographical location and climatic conditions, the Germia massif has a rich fauna with 63 animal species and a large number of around 600 plant species. Its highest point, Butos Peak, is 1050 meters above sea level and its lowest is 663 meters above sea level. The Germia National Park is the largest, most beautiful and natural park in Pristina.

The recreation area covers an area of ​​41,40,52 hectares, with most of the area covered with oak and beech forests, while the rest includes meadows, roads and other infrastructures. This area begins at the German swimming pool and extends to the beginning of the ski lift, including meadows, children's playground, sports grounds and inns. The meadow that begins at the entrance to the area is surrounded by oak and beech forests and is used as a picnic area. Three restaurants have been built in this area, an amphitheater, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, walking trails with benches, children's playgrounds and a freshwater spring to drink from. The swimming pool is pretty cool - shaped like a lake and has a slide. There are two cafes available.

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