Gjeravica mountains

Kosovo's unspoiled Rugova Mountains are a prime hiking area. Gjeravica is a natural wonder that is one of the most popular holiday attractions in Kosovo for a reason.

Gjeravica lakes

Gjeravica vacation at 2656 m above sea level

Conquer Kosovo's highest peak, Gjeravica, is the highest point in Kosovo at 2,656 m above sea level. This challenging but rewarding hike usually takes around 8 hours. The mountain is located in the "Enchanted Mountains" on the territory of the municipality of Junik a little east of the border with Albania.

In the valley of the Lumbardh i Deçanit river, which rises on the eastern slope of the mountain. The structure of the eastern Acursed Mountains from metamorphic rocks (slate) enables a mature fluvial relief. The upper tributaries of the Lumbardhi i Deçanit, the Erenik and the Bistrica e Lloçanit arise from the multiple incised summit ridge.

Three glacial lakes - Lake Gjeravica and another on the south and one on its north side as well as Lake Herz (Liqeni Zemer ) in the south-west - lie in large Karwannen and testify to Pleistocene glaciation. The eastern Acursed Mountains , to which the Gjeravica belongs, is populated by Albanians. But there are also Roma and Montenegrins. The upper valleys of the Erenik (Gropa Erenekit, Stanista Kuc, Stanista Smail Ibraj) and the Locanska bistrica (Katun Zogaj Stanista) are mainly populated. Here are the summer pastures of the Metohic shepherds from Deçan. A road leads from Deçan through the valley of Lumbardhi i Deçanit, where a smaller hydroelectric power station is located.

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Gjeravica mountains Kosovo
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