Prevalla National Park

Breathtaking scenery Prevalla is a popular holiday destination for hikers or skiers.

Prevalla National Park Kosovo

Prevalla National Park

Prevalla is a village in the Prizren municipality in Kosovo. Prevalla is located in the south of Kosovo in the Sharr Mountains on the southern slope of the Oshlak at around 1500 m, almost 30 kilometers from Prizren and about twelve kilometers from Brezovica , the largest ski center in Kosovo. Snow peaks paint an idyllic picture in soothing calm. 

The mountainous terrain has a breathtaking scenery and fresh air make it a fantastic area for hiking, skiing and relaxing. In addition, the Lepenci River has its source in this area, which makes it even more attractive and interesting for visitors.

Prevalla is located at the top of the pass between the valleys of the Bistrica e Prizrenit and a side valley of the Lepenac and thus on the watershed between the Adriatic and the Aegean. A road leads from Prizren via Prevalla to Shtërpcë. The region is part of the Sharr National Park . The village borders a large wooded area. The Prevalla National Park is a park in the Sharr Mountains on the road from Shterpce to Prizren at an altitude of 1515 meters above sea level.

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Prevalla Kosovo
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