Drenas city

Drenas also Drenasi is a city in the center of Kosovo and is located in the Drenica region, which divides the west from the east of Kosovo.

Drenasi city Kosovo Winter

Drenasi (Gllogoci) Drenica

The area of the municipality of Drenas (formerly Gllogoc) is located in the central part of Kosovo. The municipality of Drenas covers about 290 square kilometers which consists of 42 settlements and is located between the Çiçavica Mountains in the east and the Drenica Hills in the north and west, about 30 kilometers west of the capital Prishtina. The main road from Pristina to Peja runs through the municipality.

Starting from this road, at a junction in the village of Komoran, a smaller road branches off to the north from the main road that runs through the city of Drenas itself and continues to Skënderaj. These mountains lie on both sides of the Drenica River Valley. The land surfaces of the Drenica Valley are penetrated by the "Ibar" irrigation system.

The stream Lumi i Gllobarit flows through Drenas, which meets the Lumë i vogël near the Lumëbardhi and flows into the Drenica River. Another peculiarity of this area is the mine and smelter of "Feronikeli" as well as some quarries. The Drenica and Vërbicë rivers flow through this municipality, the water of which is used to irrigate agricultural land. According to the last census, this area had a population of over 67,000, while recent estimates now have over 75,400. The population of this municipality lives in 42 settlements: in 36 villages, 2 urban centers, 3 localities and the center of Drenas. The community is taking some steps towards a gradual transformation of its economic, agricultural, educational, health and industrial structures. In particular with the improvement of the structure of the municipal development the establishment of the educational network, the network of the health system and the intensification of the agricultural development especially after the construction of the irrigation system "Iber" were influenced. A more positive movement in the underdeveloped economy of Drenas is marked after the construction of the complex "Feronikeli". 

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Drenas city Drenica
Drenas center Drenica
Drenas Park
Drenas Stadt

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