Mirusha waterfalls

16 Mirusha waterfalls extend over a length of ten kilometers in an east-west direction and lie at an altitude of 480 to 400 meters. Even in winter, a trip to the park is worthwhile, because the waterfalls are also a spectacle when frozen.

Mirusha waterfalls Kosovo

Beautiful Mirusha waterfalls

One of the most beautiful vacation destinations in Kosovo is undoubtedly the Mirusha waterfalls. The Mirusha Waterfalls are a cascade of waterfalls on the river of the same name that are located in the south of the Gremnik Mountains in western Kosovo. Due to its biological diversity, the region along the waterfalls is a nature reserve that covers an area of ​​around 550 hectares and is divided between the three municipalities of Klina, Malisheva and Rahovec

The Mirusha waterfalls are located in a gorge that was formed by the Mirusha, a tributary of the White Drin. 16 waterfalls extend over a length of ten kilometers in an east-west direction and are at an altitude of 480 to 400 meters. The Mirusha waterfalls are a popular tourist destination in Kosovo, waterfalls of this beauty are hard to find anywhere in Europe.

There are 13 small lakes between them. The highest waterfall is between the sixth and seventh lakes. It is 22 meters high. The area is rich in plant and animal species. The majority of the area is forested by Hungarian oaks. 330 vascular plants have been identified on the territory of the Mirusha Conservation Area, not counting the mosses and thallus types. Of the latter, 44 species of large mushrooms are classified. Among other things, the following animal species were observed in the nature reserve: wild boar, European badger, brown hare, squirrel, wolf, wild cat, pine marten, muskrat, yellow-necked mouse, southern white-breasted hedgehog, Greek tortoise and European horned viper The Mirusha River also offers good conditions for amphibians and fish.

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Mirusha waterfalls winter
Mirusha waterfall Kosovo
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Mirusha Kosovo
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