Kosovo - frequently asked questions

Kosovars use Albanian for communication. The second official language is Serbian. In some communities, Bosniak, Turkish and Roma are also spoken. English language us also widely spoken among the young generation making it an unofficial second language.

According to statistics from the Statistics Office of Kosovo, Kosovo had a total of 1,795,666 inhabitants at the beginning of 2019. According to the 2011 census of the Kosovo Statistics Office, 92.9% Albanians, 1.5% Serbs, 1.1% Turks, 1.6% Bosnians, 0.9% Ashkali, 0.7% Egyptians, live in Kosovo, 6% Gorani, 0.5% Roma and 0.1% others.

The euro is the official currency in Kosovo. Many countries also support credit card payments.

Prishtina is the capital of Kosovo, the city of the future with efficient and high quality services that serve the common good of its citizens. The city of Prishtina is the most populous city with 214,688 inhabitants.

The climate in Kosovo is a continental climate that results in hot summers and cold winters. Due to the uneven heights in different places in Kosovo, there are differences in temperature and precipitation. December and January are the coldest months, and July and August are the hottest months of the year. Snowfall is expected between November and March.

To make calls to Kosovo, the country code (+383) for Kosovo must be used. To start international phone calls, first dial the country code that begins with the two leading 00s. For Kosovo, the international code is 00383.

New Year's Day January 1st, Orthodox Christmas January 7th, Ashkali Day February 15th, Declaration of Independence February 17th, Veterans Day March 6th, Roma Day April 8th, Turkish Day April 23rd, Day of Work May 1st, Goran Day May 6th, Europe Day May 9th, Peace Day June 12th, Constitution Day June 15th, Bosniak Day September 28th, Albanian Day November 28th, Christmas December 25th.

The emergency lines in Kosovo are:

112 - emergency line
192 - police
194 - ambulance

There are seven regional hospitals in the largest cities in Kosovo. In addition, they are supported by health centers in each of the 38 municipalities in the country.

Besides the public health system, there are numerous private hospitals in Kosovo. Well-stocked pharmacies can be found in every city across Kosovo, some of which are open 24/7.

U.S. Embassy
Arberia/Dragodan, Nazim Hikmet 30
Ort: Pristina
PLZ : 10000
Telefon: +381-3859-593000

Opening times: Monday to Friday, by appointment only.
Website: www.xk.usembassy.gov

Kosovo and United States of America are closely and amicably linked.

British Embassy Pristina
177 Lidhja e Pejës
Ort: Pristina
PLZ : 10000
Telefon: +381 38 254700

Opening times: Monday to Friday, by appointment only.
Website: www.british-embassy-pristina

Kosovo and UK are closely and amicably linked.

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