Kastriot town

The municipality of Obiliq, also called Kastriot, has been a special area since the Turkish rule. Sometime in 1873 it was known as the geostrategic center of the Kosovo plain. Obiliq used to be called Globoder.

Tomb of Sultan Murad (tyrbja - türbe) Kosovo

Kastriot / Obiliq - Kosovo

Obiliq or Kastriot is a city and the official seat of the municipality of the same name in the center of Kosovo. In the southeast it borders on the municipality of Pristina, from which it was separated in 1989. The main road between Pristina and Mitrovica runs through the municipality. Until 1912 the place was called Globoder. With the construction of a railway line in 1873, Globoder gained greater local importance as a train station for nearby Pristina and grew into a business location with the arrival of the city: in 1933, 15 companies were now based here.

The municipality of Kastriot is located in the center of Kosovo. In the north, the municipality borders on the municipality of Vushtrria, in the east on the municipality of Pristina, in the south on the municipality of Fushë Kosova and in the west on the municipality of Drenas. There are a total of 19 villages in the municipality. The area is 105 km². On December 20, 1999, the municipal council decided to set up the commission for the naming of settlements, after which the town of Obiliq/Kastriot was named.

The Tomb of Sultan Murad (tyrbja  - türbe) is located in the Mazgit village of Obiliq. The work, built in the 14th century, is one of the oldest works of Ottoman architecture in the Balkans. This tomb was built for the third heir to the Ottoman throne, Sultan Murat I, who was martyred on June 8, 1389 in the first battle in Kosovo. There is the tomb of Sultan Murat (a box carved with boards) and is surrounded by tombs of other people. The floor plan of this building is square with a brick dome, and in the foreground is a small dome that rests on four circular pillars made of solid stone blocks. The building has a massive masonry system: walls combined with brick walls lined with sandstone blocks.

The electricity in Kosovo is mainly based on energy from coal-fired power plants: (97%) from the power plants Kosovo A and Kosovo B. This sector is considered to be one of the sectors with the greatest development potential. The Energy Generation division includes the power plants "Kosova A", "Kosova B" and Chemical Separations. There are three coal mines in the Obiliq area: Bardh i Madhë, Mirash and Sibovc.

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Obiliq city Kosovo
Sultan Murad Mazgit village of Obiliq
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