Kosovo night life

The Nightlife in Kosovo, especially in large cities, is abundant, where many clubs, bars and discos work until the morning, offering live music, dancing, entertainment. What is observed every evening is the extraordinary creativity of the young people who dance excellently where fun is observed to the maximum.

Kosovo night life

The night life in Kosovo

Although Prishtina is a city with 200,000 inhabitants, the number of visitors doubles at night and especially during the summer season, both from the smaller towns and from the large number of emigrants coming back home in the summer. There are a large number of bars in Pristina that organize live music with dance areas, some of which stand out, such as: B. Zone Club, Duplex, Roof Terrace, Coco Club, Diamond Club, Bon vivant, Industry, Zanzibar, Studio 21 and many other bars with live music.

Mother Teresa Boulevard, B Street, small cafes and other streets are spaces where guests can sit in open spaces, have fun, dance, listen to their music and enjoy their favorite singers with a live show. Some of the night clubs also offer jazz music like Hamam Bar, Sky Bar etc. In some bars they also offer old popular songs like Taverna Sofrabezi, Taverna Arte etc.

The nightlife in Kosovo is made even more special by the numerous festivals that last day and night without interruption, such as: Sunny Hill Festival, Beer and Wine Festival, Coffee and Tea Festival, Erdhlezeti Festival, Freedom Festival, Prishtina Jazz Festival, Chopin Piano Festival, BeerFest Kosova, DokuFest, Ethno Fest, NgomFest, Ihr Festival, PriFilm Fest etc.

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Several European airlines offer direct flights to Prishtina International Airport. Prishtina International Airport is located 18 km southwest of Prishtina.


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