Gadime stalactite cave

The impressive 1260 meter long stalactite cave Gadime is located about 20 km south of the capital Pristina and was only discovered in 1966.

Gadime cave Kosovo

The stalactite cave of Gadime

The Gadime stalactite cave is a limestone cave in the village of Gadime e Ulët in the municipality of Lipjan in Kosovo. The cave is 1,260 meters long. For vacation tourists, however, it is only possible to see the first 500 meters of the cave, as the rest of the cave is not yet accessible.

Inside the cave there is a lake, also known locally as the Lake of Fortune, into which tourists throw change. This lake is about 15 meters deep and one to two meters wide. During the summer the temperature is constant at 13 ° C, but during the winter it drops to around 11 ° C.

In the cave you can let your fantasies run free. If you look at the crystals in the cave, you can sometimes see fish, the ears of an elephant and a lot more. The special thing about this cave are the resonances on the stalactite, so that even melodies can be played. Admire the underground stalagmites, stalactites and aragonites as well as the bright colors of the walls. It is one of the oldest caves and the most famous in Kosova. It is said that the cave was discovered by a villager. When he discovered it, he wondered how something like this could happen and informed the authorities about it. The compulsory guided tours of the Gadime cave last about 30 minutes. Cave Gadime is worth a visit on your Kosovo vacations.

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Gadime cave
Gadime stalactite cave
Gadime Lipjan Kosovo
Gadime cave entrance
Gadime Aragoniten

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