Drin waterfalls

The natural beauty of the "White Drin Waterfalls" undoubtedly make this place a great tourist attraction in Kosovo. The springs of the Drin River make the village of Radavc a popular destination for excursions. The wild natural game of the White Drin when observed will leave great impression.

White Drin Waterfalls Kosovo

White Drin Waterfalls

The Drin, or also known as Drini, is a river in the southwest of the Balkan Peninsula with a length of 285 kilometers. It includes one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Kosovo, which is visited by tourists all year round.

On the territory of Kosovo, the White Drin crosses 122 km in a north-south direction. He also collects the waters of Lumbardh Peja, Erenik and Lumbardh Prizren. With a size of 4646 km2, the Drini Basin is the largest of the 4 water reservoir areas of Kosovo.

The waterfall, together with the cave and the source of the White Drin, has been legally protected as a natural monument with an area of ??89.94 hectares since 1983 due to its geomorphological, hydrological and tourist values. Its source is the Rusolia mountain at an altitude of 586 meters. From the spring the water flows at a speed of 30 meters per second, creating a beautiful waterfall 30 meters high. Then it goes further down to Dukagjini - airfield and Drini i Zi near the Kukës town (Albania). The waterfall at the source of the river is a rare and breathtaking phenomenon that attracts a large number of visitors and offers an experience like no other. It is located in Zhljeb Mountain in Radavc village, 11 km from the city of Peja. The waterfall is located in the gorge of Drini i Bardhe and is 25 m high.
In addition, the Holy Bridge (“Ura e shenjtë”) is another place in this area that is frequently visited by tourists. It is an old bridge that was built over an interesting and unique canyon created by the Drin River. Thanks to its location on an important transport route, the gorge is visited by many tourists and day trippers. Together with the single arch bridge “Ura e shenjtë”, it is a major tourist attraction in the region. Every year there is a diving competition on the bridge.

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White Drin Waterfalls Kosovo
White Drin Peja
White Drin river
White Drin Kosovo
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