Peja city

The city of Peja combines culture and the beauty of nature, so it is a place that you should definitely visit on your vacation. The city's roots go back to antiquity. Peja is located in a varied landscape and offers a variety of offers. During the Roman times the place was called Picaria. The names in today's languages are probably derived from this name (Peja).

Peja Kosovo

Peja city - Kosovo

Peja is a city in western Kosovo. The city has an extraordinary history with a rich cultural heritage and rare natural beauty. Peja is located along the Bistrica e Pejës river. With almost 96,000 inhabitants, it is the fourth largest city in the country. For most visitors, the real reason to visit is to use the city as a starting point for some wonderful excursions into the mountains and the spectacular, nearby Rugova Valley. The Boge ski area is part of the Peja municipality as well.

As you cross the Rugova Valley, you will notice its beauty and undiscovered treasures. The Peja River has its source in the "Accursed Mountains" and flows into the longest river in Kosovo, the White Drin. The Drini spring is also located in the municipality of Peja in the village of Radavc with beautiful waterfalls. The climate in Peja is continental. The summers are usually very warm and low in precipitation, the winters cold and rich in precipitation.

The spa town of Peja has a lot to offer you on vacation. The city combines culture with all the amenities that the modern traveler seeks. It offers many tourist attractions. The city is ten kilometers east of the border with Montenegro and roughly the same northeast of the border with Albania. Peja is located along the Bistrica e Pejës river. The White Drin, the largest river in Kosovo, rises not far from the city in the mountainous regions on the way to the Montenegrin border.
Peja is located in a varied landscape and is home to the patriarchal monastery, which is probably the most important building for the Orthodox Christians. The Visoki Decani Orthodox Monastery is also located about 15 kilometers south of the city. Both monasteries have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. A visit to Peja is like traveling back in time through the different epochs: the Illyrian, the Byzantine, the Ottoman Empire, the two world wars, the communism as well as the recent history of the Balkans and the present. In Illyrian times it was a large settlement center. According to archaeological research, this city also had a castle, on the ancient ruins of which, unfortunately, was built the battery factory .
The special feature of the patriarch is the bazaar mosque, built between 1600 and 1700, and the tower of Haxhi Zeka. Haxhi Zeka attended the Prizren Assembly in 1878 and organized the Peja League in 1899.

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Peja city Kosovo
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Peja Museum
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Several European airlines offer direct flights to Prishtina International Airport. Prishtina International Airport is located 18 km southwest of Prishtina.


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Guided tours are fun! Not only will you learn a lot about the place you are visiting, but you'll also be amazed as you discover the delights of Kosovo with a good guide.



Accommodation in Kosovo is cheap, so you can even find exclusive hotels at low prices. You can save a lot if you opt for a hostel or private apartment.




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Rugova Canyon

With a length of 16 miles and a depth of 1,000 meters, Rugova Canyon is one of the longest and deepest gorges in Europe.

Drin waterfalls

The natural beauty of the "White Drin Waterfalls" undoubtedly make this place a great tourist attraction in Kosovo.

Radac cave

The Radac Cave “Sleeping Beauty” is located near the Drini i Bardhë waterfall. It's in the northeastern part of the Accursed Mountains.

Boga ski area

You can also ski in Kosovo. The Boge ski area in the Rugova Mountains. Boga is a small village in the Albanian Alps in western Kosovo.

Peja - activities

With its vast resources, the mountainous region of Rugova offers many opportunities for leisure and sports activities, in which many nature lovers.

How to get to Peja

The access to the destination- Peja has become quite easy, as the infrastructure for traveling in Kosovo continues to improve and stands out from the countries in the region.

Destination Peja
Museum of Peja

The ethnographic museum in Peja offers a good overview of the region's history, starting with prehistoric artifacts up to the end of the 20th century. The collection contains over 700 artifacts.

Ethnographic Museum
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