Ethnographic Museum of Peja

Museum of Peja Traditional Albanian costumes, artifacts and handicrafts in the Ethnographic Museum of the city of Peja. The ethnographic museum in Peja offers a good overview of the region's history, starting with prehistoric artifacts up to the end of the 20th century. The collection contains over 700 artifacts.

Museum of Peja

Museum of Peja

In this traditional Konak (guest house) style house there is a jewel: a collection of ethnographic artifacts’ is kept here, as well as reconstructions, from which we can get an impression of the elegance of bourgeois life in Kosovo in the past. The colors and craftsmanship of textiles and crafts of carved metal and wood transform the museum's ancient rooms. The house, named "Tahir Bey's Guest House", dates back to the 18th century. Peja is a city of cultural heritage.

Another place where you can see Kosovo heritage is the Ethnological Museum of Peja. A visit to Peja and the Ethnographic Museum in Peja is like traveling back in time through the different eras: the Illyrian, the Byzantine, the Ottoman Empire, the Second World War, Communism and the recent history and present of the Balkans. The Peja Museum is one of 10 sustainable tourism sites in Kosovo featured on this website.

Traditional costumes are still worn with pride in the villages of Peja, and in the National Museum in various galleries you can see traditional costumes and handicrafts from this region. The uniqueness of Peja folk costumes and the other objects of its culture can be found in the Ethnographic Museum located in the center of Kulla Haxhi Zeka in Peja.

The top floor of this Ottoman-era house, located behind a rather untraditional gas station, is filled with local handicrafts and furniture, and features various exhibitions that illustrate life in Peja during the Ottoman period. On the ground floor there is a small and interesting archaeological section that does a great job of illustrating the depth of history in these parts. 

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Ethnographic Museum in Peja
Museum of Peja artifacts
Handicrafts in the Ethnographic Museum of the city of Peja
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Peja Museum sofra Kosovo

Museum of Peja Kosovo artifacts
House Tahir Bey Peja Museum
Peja Museum Traditional Albanian Costumes
Peja Regional Museum
Museum Peja prehistoric artifacts Kosovo

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