Ferizaj city

Ferizaj is a city in the south of Kosovo and the capital of the municipality of the same name and the Ferizaj district. Ferizaj is a symbol of religious tolerance: the mosque and church are located next to each other in the same courtyard in the city center.

Ferizaj mosque and church Kosovo

Ferizaj city Kosovo

Ferizaj is located at 573 meters above sea level at the eastern foot of the Sharr Mountains in the valley of the Lepenci River, which drains this region of Kosovo to the Aegean Sea. The city is about halfway between Pristina and Skopje, about 40 km north of the border with North Macedonia. The urban area covers around 345 km² and has almost no elevations. While the agriculturally used Kosovo valley opens up in the north, the first foothills of the Sharr Mountains, which are densely forested, rise to the west of the city. With 42,000 inhabitants, it is the sixth largest city in the country.

East of the city is Camp Bondsteel, a military base that is the largest US base in Kosovo and one of the largest outside the United States. Ferizaj is one of the youngest cities in Kosovo. It owes its rise to the construction of the Mitrovica – Skopje railway line in 1873, when Feriz-Beg Shasivari, who gave the city its name, had the station built on his estate. Hence the name Ferizaj (meaning "Village of Feriz"), around which a rapidly growing settlement developed, at the time still belonging to the Ottoman Empire.

The large mosque of Mulla Veseli in the center and the Church of Saint Urosh are regarded as symbols of the decades of religious tolerance between Albanian Muslims and Serbian Christians. Since the mosque and the church are right next to each other, this place is photographed by many tourists vacationing in Kosovo as it is a unique architectural, social and religious phenomenon. Ferizaj covers 345² km, including 45 surrounding villages. This area has a population of 108,690 residents. Compared to other cities, it is now considered the second most developed city after Pristina in Kosovo and is the market town in Kosovo. Some of the factories and businesses that formed the basis for the expansion of the community's economy many years ago are still operating. Some of these factories and companies are: Steel Pipe Factory, Oil Factory, Exotic Fruit Processing Factory, Brick Factory, etc. Ferizaj is one of the most important cities in Republic of Kosovo in many ways such as culture, sports and economy. Ferizaj is worth a visit on your vacation.

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Ferizaj city Orakulli
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