Sleeping beauty Cave Radac

Radac cave Kosovo

The Radac Cave is located near the White Drin Waterfalls. It's in the northeastern part of the Accursed Mountains. The cave is located deep in the cliffs that form the top of Rusolia with a height of 2381 m, above which lies the White Drin plain.

Radac cave Sleeping beauty

With its morphological characteristics, it is lined with several branches and galleries, halls, corridors and canals. The formation of the cave is related to the hydrological development of the western part of the limestone crust on the tip of the Rusolia. The underground stream has formed larger canals that were built before the Leva nt(paleolithic period) . The largest cave canals were created at the time of the Lower Lakes when the second cave gallery was formed.

The Radac Cave is enriched with decorations from each cave in the rocks of this area and offers numerous connections of underground channels, easy galleries for hiking, as well as microclimatic conditions and characteristics. It is a very attractive tourist destrination. Now this cave is open for visits all year round. Radac belongs to the municipality of Peja Kosovo.